Saturday, December 19, 2009

Gracias, Burro Market

Oh man. Remember how I said I missed chipotles en adobo? (In my profile? si? no?) Well anyway, I FOUND SOME at Borough Market at a stall called Cool Chile.

Do you know what these are?! They're smoked jalapenos in a dark spicy smokey red sauce. Super-yum. I chop these bad boys up and put them in soups, chili, and all kinds of tomato sauces. I'm feeling less food-homesick now.

Anyway, I started smiling when we found the stall. Like, a lot. The girl behind the register noticed me and immediately started rattling away in Spanish... And then without thinking I answered all her questions in English. UGH! I hate when I do that. My mom would have totally given me a super-dirty look if I did that in front of her. Next time I will force myself to stop and think about which language we're conversing in...

The girl was super nice, though. And she spoke English at least, so whatever. We also bought these

FOR 2 POUNDS A DOZEN! Seriously, in LA, I'd get these for like 50 cents. And they'd be super fresh. Sigh. Whatever. I still desperately wanted them.

Okay, you can expect that I will post on these awesome items in the coming weeks. In fact, my world-famous ceviche is marinating in the fridge as we speak. I'm thinking some ceviche tostadas are in order for Sunday dinner.

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hanner said...

aha! when i saw on your fb status that you had heard rumor of the market i KNEW you were talking about borough market. so many free samples! so much fancy chocolate and olives! heaven.

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